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The Artist Circuit: Big Swift I

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

8/28/22 - 8:45pm When you're riding around your city on the newly paved roads passing by newly constructed and historical buildings-do you ever stop and think about the architect that designed and built your city? Do you think about the skills it takes to design timeless architecture? Do you appreciate it? Last night I met an architect-not a civil, but a cultural and emotional architect-Big Swift I. A Picasso in the flesh- a painter that uses our minds and hearts as his canvas. Big Swift was a guest panelist at The Artist Circuit, which is an artist educational event developed by Lady Nate-another pillar in the music community. Big Swift gave important jewels to up and coming artists from Houston and as far as New York/New Jersey. I refuse to repeat everything he said because you should have been there (You can watch the event on Grind City TV next month). But the overall theme of his statements was to push the boundaries when you create music and move away from trendy sounds towards legendary bodies of work. Create content that will transcend time and be here after you are long gone.

Before the show Big Swift allowed me to preview some of his latest work. As if Michael Jordan invited me to the gym in 1997 to show me his 1998 moves that he and I both knew could not be stopped. All I can say is WOW. To all of the producers out there, don't try to play defense. Just watch and try to emulate as best you can. During our impromptu listening session he spoke of bridging the gap between the South and The West Coast. No one has made a serious attempt to bridge that gap musically-but the greats do what no one else would do. With over 50 million records SOLD, he is the one that will succeed. He told me to watch out for a few artists and I'll mention one- SYMBA from the BAY area. Big Swift has been one of the pillars holding up the industry since before most of you were born-and I'm here to let you know that he's still the Captain of the musical ship and he will lead us to where we should go musically-keeping the culture first and always thinking 10 years down the line. How can you work with Big Swift I? First, ask yourself what would you give up to have your sound molded exactly to you and transformed to legendary status? The time, focus and bag you just thought of is what it takes. His DM's are open, but don't go around there playing. I said everything above to say this-legendary things happen at The Getaway Place (7700 Pinemont, Houston, Tx). Don't miss the next Artist Circuit! I would like to thank Big Swift for coming out; Hope Watkins for opening artists' eyes about branding and marketing; all of the artists that performed and Lady Nate for providing opportunity for up and coming artists. See you next month! -@adminsherm

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