Frequently asked questions

How can I add my music to Crowded?

Send at least 3 songs with song art and an artist photo to We will then create a profile for you and send your login.

How do I broadcast LIVE! to my followers on Crowded?

How to broadcast:

  1. Choose a song to play.
  2. Press the black "signal" button on "Now Playing" screen.
  3. Pick a city, why you're broadcasting and type a message for your listeners.
  4. You're LIVE!

Can I add my music to other platforms along with Crowded?

Of course! Just add us to the list of platforms.

How can I join Crowded as a fan?

Download the app, create a profile and enjoy music.

How can I join the #SchoolOfRocky as an industry professional?

Contact Crowded, Inc via social media or by email to express interest.

What is Crowded?

A music streaming platform and industry forum where artists can chat with their fans and/or other industry professionals. We promote independent artists, podcasters, comedians and narrators, etc.

Do you pay per stream? When and how are artists paid?

Yes. The rates are included in the Terms of Use. After reaching a $10.00 threshold we will send a check by mail.

How can fans earn money on Crowded?

Fans can apply to become an official music reviewer. Once your application is accepted you get paid per stream as a reviewer.

How do I find users on Crowded?

Choose "search users' from left menu and type in user name or username.

How do I create a playlist on Crowded?

How to create playlist:

  1. Press and hold on a song.
  2. Choose "add to playlist".
  3. Upload playlist image.
  4. Add more songs by long press and select.
  5. Choose private or public playlist by toggle switch.