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The Full Story


Playlists have been in existence since the early 1970s when DJs used to create custom "playlists" to play on air. Playlists are used to create an emotional experience for the listener-much more so than singles and albums. Since the dawn of audio streaming earning revenue from playlisting has been an exclusive club for only streaming platform insiders and well-connected executives-  Until Now!


Business Playlisting

This is the perfect opportunity for online and brick & mortar businesses to add an additional revenue stream-and engage their customers outside of business hours. Every time a song is played from your playlist you get paid!


Have you realized the role fans play in breaking an artist? Music is shared by word of mouth, promotion and most of all curated playlists. Each time you add an artist to your playlist you are promoting their music, their brand and increasing revenue for that artist. Shouldn't fans be compensated for their help? The answer is YES



Have you received those emails about adding your music to "top streaming" playlists for an unaffordable price? Shouldn't it be FREE if the music is good? We thought so too! Fans will be looking on Crowded Streaming to add your music to their playlists-make sure it's there! Create an Artist Profile now!

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