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[S3E8] Last Dance \/\/FREE\\\\

We've got some serious showdowns in store for the last episode, with the extreme dangers of Temp-V being unveiled, Starlight and Hughie still estranged, Mother's Milk on a rampage after slugging his ex-wife's clueless husband, Black Noir being the next target on Soldier Boy's hit list, and Butcher and Hughie stocking up on more Temp-V for their fateful clash with Homelander.

[S3E8] Last Dance

On the final leg of their tour, the Third Years are invited to a traditional Indigenous ceremony and return the hospitality by offering a dance class to the local kids. Christian finds he is an unexpectedly good teacher, while Tara and Ben struggle with the realisation that their onstage chemistry is underwhelming.

Abby tells the girls that to get into the proper frame of mind for the group dance, they need to think of The Blues and being in a speakeasy or a nightclub. Well, OK! Speakeasies went the way of the world when Prohibition did. The girls are years away from getting into nightclubs. And I honestly doubt any of them have B.B. King cued up on their iPods. So hopefully they can wing it.

Game of Thrones has always been about trust, and this week saw the featured characters changing alliances to stay alive. Most of them also happened to be exceptionally unpalatable to those in them. Arya spent the last two seasons cursing the Hound's name, and now rides with him to preserve her own life. The only thing she hates more than the Hound is being away from her family, and he has promised to take her to the Twins to meet up with her mother and brother and protect her while doing so, in the name of gold. Here, Arya makes the choice to put aside the past and allow the Hound lead her where she needs to go.

The only scene where this failed was with Melisandre, Gendry and the leeches. Gendry, if you had any idea what Theon or pretty much anyone else in Westeros was going through right now in terms of torture, you would welcome those leeches (except maybe the one on your dingaling). Dragonstone has largely been a drag, save for Davos learning to read (one of the best small moments of the season so far), with Mel rarely having a monologue without it becoming sexposition. In fact, this episode almost single-handedly made up for the lack of nudity, particularly female, in the last few weeks.

Nix confronts Pilgrim about the true nature of Castor's passing (remember that whole neck-snapping incident at the end of last episode?) and seems to be questioning the entirety of his operation. However, she doesn't seem to have a ton of other options.

Because in the Letters and Papers of Henry VIII Document 613 (the very last one on the page) dated 24th April 1540 we get the news that a William Ledbetter and his son got convicted of murder, apparently, because item 11 is a grant of a pardon to them both for that murder, and item 12 is a grant of their land in Wasshyngton, Sussex which all goes to Mistress Katherine Howard. The grant of pardon was apparently altered by hand at the time.

At the start of the episode, Rory and Lorelai are shredded from the dance marathon and take 30 minutes to limp over to Luke's. How long does it usually take them to walk to Luke's? I feel like I need a diagram of Stars Hollow because it makes zero fucking sense to me (much like the layout of Rory and Lorelai's house).

During the visit to Yale, we find out that Richard was quite a player back in the day. He used to take ladies to the art gallery, impress them with his knowledge of Titian, and then fuck them (that last part is implied, not stated). Everyone is having a solid day, Lorelai included. There's even a cute scene where Emily and Richard walk past the spot where they got engaged (what used to be a bench is now a trash can).

She climbs up a tree, shimmies onto the roof, taps on Dean's window, and apologizes. It's very annoying and for once, I must defend Dean against her entitled behavior. In uncharacteristic fashion, he actually does call Rory out on her bs and explains that she's just going to have to deal with the fact that someone doesn't like her for once. Good on you, Dean! (Although we all know this modicum of self-respect will not last long).

Host Olivia Landis welcomes the host of NFL Network's NFL Total Access, MJ Acosta-Ruiz to the New YorkHER podcast. Landis and Acosta-Ruiz discuss how her father's professional basketball career in the Dominican Republic influenced her love for sports. Acosta-Ruiz talks about spending time as child in the Dominican Republic, New York and Miami and how each place played a role in her life. She talks about her goals of owning her own dance studio and her love for dance growing up. Acosta-Ruiz describes her experience working as a full-time television reporter while being a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. Finally, Landis and Acosta-Ruiz discuss advice and guiding principles for success in the sports industry.

The DA's Nick Kremer and Cody Nespor return for episode 3, and they still can't get over WVU football's performance last week. The boys recap the Missouri loss and give you their predictions for NC State. Plus, they talk men's and women's soccer, golf, and volleyball. 041b061a72


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