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Easton Ramirez
Easton Ramirez

We Buy Used Kirby Vacuum

Renowned for its Quality, Reliability, and Performance, the Kirby home cleaning system has been deep cleaning homes for over 100 years. The Kirby Avalir 2 is our latest model of high-performance, best-in-class vacuums. Beyond a vacuum, the Kirby easily converts to shampoo carpets & furniture, scrub tile & grout, polish hardwood floors, and so much more.

we buy used kirby vacuum

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Just wanted to contact you and let you know that we are very pleased with our Kirby vacuum cleaner rebuild. My wife stated that it was just like new. Thank you for the quality work and care you put into the rebuild.

In 1972, as a newly engaged, young woman, I purchased my Kirby Classic vacuum. I wanted a quality vacuum that would do the job and last. I could not, possibly, have imagined that I would still own it 49 years later-and that it would be functional. I want to express my sincere appreciation for the amazing restoration you performed on it.

Current an owner of the Kirby avalir 2 and this is truly a compelling vacuum. I owned a dyson ball animal 2 and a shark duo clean vacuum, both of which are cheaply made and deigned to be thrown away. Not to mention the fact that they both shredded my carpets due to their overly aggressive brush roller. I was amazed by the quality of the Kirby, not only does it succeed at carpet and floor vacuuming but it features many different functions such as carpet shampooing, tile and grout cleaner, hard floor polisher, inflator/deflator, hand held mode, carpet fluffer, sander, window washer, canister mode. This is a true American made product and is worth every penny. Highly recommend this product!!!

When I had my in home demonstration of the Avalir 2 I was impressed to say the least. I know Kirby has an outstanding reputation for their product, so I knew it would be a wise investment. I have had my Kirby a little over a year and I still get excited every time I vacuum!

2002 was the year I bought my house and a Kirby door to door sales lady convinced me as to why own a Kirby. I had granite and wooden floors, and a throw Persian rug. No other carpet in my house but I saw what the Kirby was capable of doing. Here I am 20 years later and my Kirby Sentrya still performing as it did the first time I used it. An amazing vacuum second to none.

I absolutely love my Ultimate G Diamond Edition! Been serving me since 2006 and never had to repair anything on it! Love the lower motor speed switch. IÕve seen the newer ones donÕt have it. Hope you bring it back! Best vacuum ever!

I have almost every kirby ever made and i can say that dependability is what sets kirby apart from any other cleaner on the market. You could say im obsessed with my vacuums and after you try a kirby- who knows you may be too.

IÕve had my Kirby since 1999 and I can honestly say that Kirby is the best vacuum on the market! and my Kirby has been my only vacuum for 4 years now since we got rid of our cheap plastic vacuum. I think that my Kirby can at least say running for another 20 years. This was by far the best investment IÕve ever made

I bought my first Kirby G4 in the late 90Õs it is the best vacuum you can buy. In the last 25 years ( give or take ) other than purchasing bags ect. I have spent around $ 200 in repairs. ( I ran over the lead, I suggest you donÕt do this lol )Recently I was in a salvos store and found a Kirby sentria 2 for sale for $30, clearly that came home with me for my son who is moving out of home. Always said I would get a Kirby for when they moved out.I will upgrade to the new one when my youngest Moves out, so then he has one too.

This Avalir2 is my second Kirby vacuum cleaner, I love it. My first Kirby was an UltimateG and I loved it too, it lasted 18 years and is now at the Kirby rebuild center to hopefully last another 20 years!

i love my Sentra Kirby vacuum had for 20 yrs i think, i was sold on Kirby, my mom had one with everything with it, it never had an issues at all, 30 yrs later I got my first Kirby about 20 yrs ago this one of course was brand new and had more things that went with it, i love my kirby so much it does the best job over any other vacuum, wr use it to blow up air matress in no time flat, vacuum our bed with it, used all the shampoo things to shampoo chairs and carpet, i did a tune up in it by you-tubing it not long ago proud of myself it all wirked again__ bur now its over 20 plus yrs now i cant buy parts for it or get bags for it anymore well not the ones kirby makes fie it off brand ones but just not the same, i even showed others after they vacuumed a dpit with theirs i put like a clothe over my hose like the way the sales men does and showed them how much dirt i picked up with my kirby, my nephew bought one than tears later my son bought one. its time to get a new one, only if i knew were or who still buys these vacuums to refurbish them i can sale it to them hate to just throw it away if somebody can still fix them and sale them, on the note i live in Redmond Oregon so if anybody knows who would want to buy this one so i can buy anther that would be so helpful

Only ever owned Kirby after my mom bought heritage2. I swore I would only have Kirby in my home . Had a hand sweeper until I bought my Kirby G4 after I was demonstrating the G3 for KBA West Midlands UK. I have saved our fortune in carpets and furnishings thanks to owning and using my Kirby Daily . Compared to having dozens of plastic vacuums that donÕt work .Invest in the best fit your home buy a Kirby

I have had my Kirby Classic 2 for 46 years. Only thing IÕve had replaced on this machine is the belt,twice, the light, once and when my ex broke the handle, no idea how he did that, once. I love my machine and would Never own a different machine from any company out there. Does it weight a lot, yup, but it will suck the living hell out of any flooring without damage to the floor.When I bought my machine I bought every attachment you could at the time and have used all except the bug sprayer. CanÕt beat a Kirby thatÕs for sure!!

We just had our Diamond Kirby rebuilt and were amazed at the results. we actually checked the serial number to make sure it was the same machine! I think it might look and work better than when we bought it 20 years ago! it was worth the price and took less than a month. we bought a cheap vacuum during that time and it quickly reminded us why we bought a Kirby! We are good for another 20 years at least!Thank you again Kirby!

We had a Kirby growing up, and it was great. My mom passed away in 2020, and upon going thru her things, we realized she had since traded her Kirby gen 4 in for a new one in 2018. I brought it home with me and put it in my shed. I was going to order bags for it and start using it again. I think it may have been used a handful of times. I forgot about it. We were using a Dyson, which is one of the better quality vacuums. I brought it up today and man, I just hate that I forgot it was in my shed all this time. We have a corgi, and battle pet hair. I am vacuuming peg hair everyday. That Kirby removed all the pet hair from my ottoman. ItÕs like itÕs new again. I always knew Kirby was top of the line, but itÕs a must have for pet owners.

We got our first Gen 3 about 1992, and I have kept it running. Bought a refurbished 6 series about 8 years ago, and it works great. Picked up a Òfree at the curbÓ series 5 a couple years ago, cleaned it up and got it working properly, and gave it to my son. We love the cleaning performance and versatility of the Kirbys, but to me, I most appreciate that they are designed to be repaired easily. Repair parts are readily available online, and if you can follow online instructions and turn a screwdriver, you can probably fix a Kirby. I have replaced the main switch assembly, carbon motor brushes, and transmission on my oldest one for much less $ than a new vacuum. DonÕt be afraid to open up your Kirby. I hope the newer models have retained the easy to repair design philosophy.

Love my new Kirby Avalir 2. I had a Kirby that was 12 years old. Those were a hard 12 years of pets and kidsÉ.that machine could have spat out a Lego creation and some loom bands. It was used for every application it could be. It had gotten noisey from neglect of a busy life. I had a rep come and service it and well I upgraded my much loved Kirby. IÕve just given it first run on mopping my tiled floors. It was amazing to see all the dirt come out of the tiles and grout. IÕm totally amazed at how dirty my Òclean floorsÓ were. You canÕt do that by just hand mopping. IÕm so inspired by my clean floors and going to try the grout cleaner next weekend to see what it can do, not only for my floors but for the grout in my shower. ItÕs money well spent

I brought a kirby G5 in 1997 and I still use it as of today. I highly recommend kirby brand. No other vacuums can compare. It has never lost suction. Only once I had to have it repaired in the 26 years I have owned it.

Maybe you have heard already a lot of good things about Kirby vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners have a super absorption power! A Kirby vacuum cleaner is in fact not a vacuum cleaner but a complete cleaning machine. You can do much more with it than just vacuum cleaning. Kirby vacuum cleaners are the ultimate help in your household. Since its invention in 1914 it has been demonstrated without dispute that Kirby vacuum cleaners are the most long lasting vacuum cleaners in the world and that they can last a lifetime.

Via the Mini-Emtor, (a kind of swan-neck in which sharp and heavy objects stay behind) the aspired air is pushed upward through the input hose after which the Kirby dispensable vacuum cleaner bag is filled from the bottom up. Because of this the Kirby vacuum cleaner does not lose suction power and the vacuum cleaner bag can be filled with an optimal effect.

The Kirby outer bag that meets with the Hepa standards is the only filter in the Kirby and has a surface that is as much as 30 larger than practically all other vacuum cleaner brand, being about 600 square centimetres. Because of this the Kirby outer bag keeps its features for a very long time, the suction power remains optima and unpleasant smells are neutralized with much more effect. 041b061a72


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