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Moon Crash YTS [UPDATED]

**SPOILER ALERT** Mind numbing and overly complicated murder mystery that has continued without a stop for some 18 years after young Hope Lavelle, Shae Kibbler, was mysteriously murdered back on August 23, 1989.It's when Hope's friend Tory Bodeen, Claire Forlani, saw in a vision Hope being murdered in the woods without coming to her aid that she, not Hope's killer, was held responsible for Hope's death. This convoluted thinking had poor Tory suffer deep guilt feelings that eventually lead her to leave town, Progress S.C, and never return until she was 30! We already saw that Tory was abused by her drunken father Han, Shaun Johnston, when she was a little girl over her unique psychic ability to see things happening miles away and even through solid objects. Instead of feeling blessed by him having a daughter with such God-given abilities Han, a religious fanatic, took them to be the work of the Devil and brutally beat Tory every time she used them. like the time she was to go out in the woods to spend the night with her friend Hope which in fact would have prevented, by seeing or sensing Hope's killer before he struck, her from being murdered!Despite of her having nothing at all to do with Hope's death Hope's mother Mrs. Margaret Lavelle, Jackie Bisset, has held Tory responsible for her daughters murder suspecting that she knows who the killer is and is keeping it from the authorities. While back in Progress Tory soon gets romantically involved with a old flame, from grade school, of her Cade, Oliver Hudson, who just happens to be the late Hope's brother! You can just imagine what Cade's mom, Mrs Lavelle, feels about that relationship.As we soon find out Tory's drunken and now drug addicted dad Han had spent the last nine years behind bars and despite not being indited in Hope's murder everyone in town feel he's the one who murdered her! In fact since Hope's murder in 1989 every August 23rd a young girl, who would have been Hope's age, is murdered somewhere in the country under the very same circumstances that Hope was killed with Han being the #1 suspect in their murders. You would think if anyone, which is almost the entire town of Progress, suspected that Han was the notorious and on the loose "August 23rd Killer" how can they explain the last nine killings which at the time Han was behind bars and in no position to commit them!The film "Carolina Moon" gets even more ridicules as it goes along with Tory now accused, by the very vindictive Mrs. Lavelle, of what seems like a series of murders, that in fact she prevented as a police psychic, in the New York and Miami areas. With the dreaded date of August 23, when the next murder is supposed to take place, just a few days away Han who's on the run after brutally beating his parole officer, who was to test him for drugs, ends up getting killed, with the cops hot on his tail, in a car crash. That's after he supposedly, off camera, murdered his wife Siri, Maureen Rooney, and definitely, since we all saw it happen on screen, robbed and beat up his estranged daughter Tory at her gift and antique shop, that she just opened, in Progress.***SPOILERS***The ending was about as predictable as it can get with Han, despite his long criminal record, exonerated of Hope's murder by just being killed off with some 15 or more minutes left in the movie. You just knew that the real killer will eventually show up just to fill in the time left and surprise those of us watching the movie. Which in fact he did show up but didn't surprise anyone in who he was since, due to the process of elimination, you easily figured out identity! Which the very in-tuned and psychic Tory, until it was almost too late, couldn't!

Moon Crash YTS


In 2022, the six-man crew Spacecore is sent to fix a nuclear satellite in the Earth orbit. Out of the blue, the spaceship has a breakdown and runs out of power and oxygen to crash on the dark side of the moon. However, they find the NASA space shuttle Discovery stranded and they dock the ship with Spacecore. They explore the shuttle and bring the body of Michael C. Gotier (Ken Lesco) on board and the supply of oxygen to survive. But soon they learn that Gotier is the host of some strange force that possesses each one of them. Further, there is a connection between the Bermuda Triangle, the dark side of the moon and this force that is the devil himself."The Dark Side of the Moon" is a kind of rip-off "Alien" associated to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, the dark side of the moon and the Devil. The plot and the film itself is not bad and entertains. The conclusion is good and the idea of the android (instead of "Hall") is great. My vote is six.Title (Brazil): "O Lado Sombrio da Lua" ("The Dark Side of the Moon")

A 2022 six person space crew experience some malfunctions aboard their spaceship while on a space mission to fix satellites (or something) . Their ship is running out of air so of course they come across an abandoned lifeless spaceship that looks like the old spaceships from 1980. They board the ghost spaceship & someone remarks that it smells like sulfur & is very hot for a ship with no power. That was my clue one that the ghost ship would have some link to hell as the cause of its demise (ripoff Event Horizon much).They find one dead guy, bring him aboard their ship & put his body in the med bay. The doctor examines the body & they discover that his belly is ripped open exposing his guts (ripoff Alien much).The captain is seeking answers about the ghost ship & goes to the onboard computer for answers. Oh yeah, the onboard computer is a full sized anatomically correct woman that sits in an office chair in a broom closet & never gets up once during the entire movie. She tells the captain about the ghost ship & how it's from 30 years ago & it crashed out of space into the ocean & was lost. Blah blah blah & 30 seconds later, the captain miraculously links the ghost spaceship to the Bermuda Triangle. That's right, you heard me correctly - the Bermuda Triangle.Apparently there's a portal/black hole/stairway to heaven that goes directly from the ocean through the air to space & then to hell (which conveniently is located on the dark side of the moon). Any object that gets caught in this portal/path is transported to hell aka the dark side of the moon.The dead guy comes alive & the crew begin getting bumped off by Satan himself who takes over the body of whomever he kills & then goes off to kill the next one. Seems a bit petty of Satan to have to collect souls 1 by 1 like this but I guess the bad economy caused him to cutback on the Armageddon type big showcase gloom & doom everyone at once.Aboard the ghost ship once again, a crew member falls into a room filled with water. It's seawater with algae & stuff. They wanted to make sure you understood that the spaceship had been in the ocean so that's how it got caught up in the Bermuda Triangle & transported back into space to hell aka the dark side of the moon.After 3 crew members are killed, the remaining 3 crew members detach from & then blow up the ghost spaceship. Two kills later & it's down to just the captain who decides that he'll just blow up himself & Satan who's now taken over the last other crew member.Boom bam boom! The End.As end credits roll, you're given a glimpse of all the spaceships, boats, pirate boats, rockets, planes, trains, & automobiles that have fallen into the Bermuda space portal beam zone & ended up in hell aka the dark side of the moon. I think I even saw an ice cream truck surrounded by dinosaurs up there too.Production Quality is Horrific:The spaceship's dining hall is literally the conference room of the film makers office. All the crew are sitting around what is clearly the table read table. The ship's bridge/control room is the size of the broom closet of the same building. The props & sets look exactly like painted styrofoam pieces.I think they were going for an Alien, Event Horizon, Ghost Ship, Leviathan type movie but what they ended up with was comedic gold. 041b061a72


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