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33Trapper shared part of his history with Crowded. From stealing H.A.W.K. lyrics to joining the powerful music label IceHouse. The award winning artist talks about his new album Beans By The Window, which is available on ALL streaming platforms now.

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@Sharks4hearts Explains The Meaning Of Rager and Pit Master To Our Audience

What genre would you place yourself in?

I wouldn’t consider myself a rapper, maybe a grunge band or something. I spit a couple of bars or whatever, but it’s not funk or rap. The flow and the energy I get, I mix all of that together and project that energy. I can’t just stay in one genre. It’s all about what you’re predisposed to.

It’s kind of played out to stick to one genre. But that’s what my generation is and that’s what’s coming up.

I’m not a rager but at the #Houstock Raging Texas show, I really felt the energy!

“Yessir it’s all about the energy, the energy produced from the venue, to the city, to the crowd, then from you as artist and person- it’s all connected with energy. I remember the first time I saw a ByxBreezy flyer something about it was calling me… Sure enough that energy took me from 2 open mics to her telling me I was gonna open up for Chris Travis, she shows MAD Love and is straight forward like “hey come thru, do this, do that…” Boom and it’s always an experience of a lifetime

So explain the Mosh Pit for me.

The Mosh Pit is a little different at times from what it used to be - back in the day it was more raging and fighting. But some can still get to that level, but really everyone is here to see one artist, or even multiple artist why not feel the energy that the artist is feeling or projecting with everyone else there in a big circle/pit screaming at the top of your lungs with all your energy. My first real Mosh Pit was in California

at Rolling Loud . I “accidentally” opened up a big ass pit with intent to help someone find something, but you see what effect your energy and voice has on people and how contagious and addictive it is then it spreads and ignites like a wild fire; so from that point on I just never stopped doing it and people deemed me as their Pitmaster. Also like after a Mosh Pit, if I don’t have a cut on my eye by my glasses or if I’m not hurt I feel like I didn’t do anything.

I can tell you’re a Pit Master. When you walk into the Houston events, you bring the energy.

That’s because somebody has to be that person to start the fire and to bring that energy.

Do you think people are born Ragers or is it your environment?

I think it’s both. You’re a product of your environment, but this is also what can cause and birth you to rage, but your genetics influences your balances and imbalances as a person- which gives you the ability to control it or lose it . For example, if you’ve got a kid and someone does something mean or traumatic to them and it causes them to lose control, or split from the projected norm of their psyche at that very moment within their fight or flight instinct lives a rager. Enraged literally means “in rage;” when you put your ability to control to the side and just let that energy go free mentally, physically, emotionally it can change you. That’s the birth of the Rager, which in reality is a double edge sword.

For instance, Sharks4Hearts, I myself consider it a band. A band created of and from me from the many sides, personalities, personas of me as a person that my life choices, trauma and genius have created. If had to have a rap name I would call myself what I call my psyche “Ox;Cxeen” the gift and the curse but that’s a different story . I also call myself a band because I aspire to one day learn how to do all of the production for my music myself; produce, sing, shoot my own photos, edit my photos and engineer my songs and sound. A “One man band”

It seems that your music speaks to specific people and not the masses. Is that true in your opinion?

For sure! Sometimes I might post a meme or something that everyone will laugh at, but one person that I posted it for, might feel it. I do the same thing for songs. I might make a song that no one understands but one or two people. That’s why I make music, to reach people that need to be reached at certain times. Maybe it’s one person or one million.

What inspires you to make music?

It was a Robb Banks concert in San Bernardino, California. I told myself earlier that day that no matter what, I’m gonna meet Robb Banks. The crowd was going crazy. In the last song, he hopped down while performing, looked at me and dapped me up. I told him how I was a big fan of him and wanted for him to keep pushing. That’s when I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I want to inspire people and make them feel like I felt that day. The next day I made my first song in my kitchen/living room with my dawg @richrandana.

Who would you want to collaborate with? Besides Robb Banks haha.

I don’t really trip on features because I may love someone’s music but that don’t mean I need to be on it, but I would love to just collaborate in the studio or maybe write for someone. But someone I would just love to meet is Kirko Bangz. Also, I would love to work with VII_Ghost Town.

What are your favorite places to perform?

@superhappyfunland, @houstonunderground, and @swandive

Are you independent?

Yup beside being a part of OTB promotion team my homie Parishnivante and Rowqwan Smith started “Over the Edge” clothing line and they are the only people that have, I guess to say sponsored my career.

Do you have any desires to sign to a label?

I actually would. The label can handle all of the logistics stuff and I can just create. The connections that labels have would benefit me, help me be independent and focus on art because I have to wear too many hats right now.

If you went to a school strictly for independent artists, what classes would you take?

Business management, health (nutrition), fashion, sociology (human relations).

What are the top five songs on your current playlist?

● Love Hurts - Travis Scott/Playboi Carti

● Flatbed freestyle - Playboi Carti

● Fallen - Jaden Smith

● Speedin Bullet to Heaven - Kid Cudi

● Thinking about you - Frank Ocean

● The Percocet & Stripper Joint - Future

What do you do in your free time besides making music?

Watch Anime, go to the gym, hang out with my puppy and study psychology and ontology

What advice would you give to the up-and-coming artists?

Do it. Whatever it is. Rap. Engineer. Produce. My goal is to perform in Japan, but I can’t do that right now. I can perform in Houston and I will perform here until I can perform there. So just do what you can with what you have.

Any shout outs that you’ll like to give?

I want to give a shout out to everyone I love, to everyone I’ve connected with and all those I have yet to feel and or help feel. I want to take the time and say to those fellow Ragers out there feeling lost that it’s okay that you’re not okay; breathe; and live/rage on for those who can’t. I have love for you and that’s what Sharks4Hearts is about. And by the way, the name comes from my hometown Norfolk, “Shark City”, my B-day is April 4th, and hearts comes from the fact that I love love and it’s energy. Along with a lot of other double meanings if you have time ask me I’ll tell you love - Ox;cxeen We look forward to seeing your career develop and we are always here to support! Thank you for sitting down with Crowded.

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Well let’s start from the beginning, where did you grow up?

I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and lived there till I was 9. Then I moved to Houston with my family and have been there ever since.

What inspired you to get into music and how old were you?

When I was 9 years old studying in 3rd grade, I got my first acoustic guitar and loved it and played on and off ever since. I was big on skateboarding back then so I would always have my CD player and headphones with me when I skated. When those headphones were in, I used to feel like I was in a different world and a much better place.

Have you released any acoustic songs?

“Carol of the Strings” - Do check it out on YouTube!

Wow! My next suggestion was an acoustic rap. So in your words, how would you describe the music that you create? What genre is it and what’s your particular style?

Even though I’ve been around music since I was a kid, I started officially making music in 2015 because I was always too busy being involved with sports. But now in 2019, I feel like I finally have developed my true sound, which to me is a mix of genres between metal/deathcore and Hip Hop. In 2019, I started recording over my own beats, adding my live guitar to hip hop style trap drums.

Then out of nowhere, you might actually hear an actual drum set in the live metal parts of the song. I like keeping the listeners on their toes. So when I perform live, I have an actual band play those live metal parts. But as far as writing is concerned, I like to show people the metal side of me and how heavy my music can actually be. Then, I’ll switch it and go back to spitting a hot sixteen just to remind the listener that I’m a professional rapper as well.

Nice! Versatile! It seems you have the perfect blend of rap and metal with a lot tried and failed.

On a side note, what sport did you play and where?

I played football (Quarterback) for Spring Woods high school in Houston, Texas.

Then I also did Track and Field (Shot Put and Discus) and was ranked in the top 10 in the country in 2011-12. So I got a full ride to throw shot put and discus at Texas State University from 2012 to 2016 where I was a two-time conference champion in the sunbelt conference.

That’s great! Moving on, what inspires you to create these days?

What inspires me is to give people something real to hold on too and relate too. I want my music to give people hope and believe in themselves and maybe question what they really want in life and chase their life goals and dreams. My music isn’t for the club, it’s for the soul.

So that’s the central message you give to your fans?

Aye, that’s what’s up! I think I give them a message of hope. To live in a world that’s broken and still lift your head up and dry those tears and keep moving and strive to do whatever you’re passionate about.

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Where is your favorite place to perform?

I like performing in the House of Blues in Houston. My favorite show/performance was in Austin at SXSW.

What do you do in your free time outside of music?

Work out, kickboxing, running! Go to the movies or go shopping.

If there was a school that taught indie artists how to be successful, what classes should they take?

Self-Marketing class and Booking classes to help them understand how they can get booked to do shows at good quality venues.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

The best advice I’ve been given is to simply be myself and stop trying to chase other peoples’ sounds. Develop your own sound, create your own lane for other people to follow. Be a game-changer, and ever since I did that I’ve been happy with the artist I’ve become and where my music is at. I gave myself that advice.

If you could change anything about the industry what would it be?

I would just like to change the culture, in general, and help put an end to the belief of praising and glorifying the drugs, ass and materialistic things. Like that stuff makes you happy for only so long but it’s temporary. We need something that will impact the hearts and souls of our generation and the next one. We need real role models that will inspire these kids to be the best they can be in all aspects of life and motivate them to believe in themselves and go towards whatever they’re passionate about in this life.

And finally, what’s next for Rome?

I plan on doing a lot more shows in 2020 and having new music news and visuals dropping like crazy and really getting my sound out there. I’m working on continuing to grow my fanbase and growing my brand. 2020 will be a big year for me, I can feel it!

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