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New Music! Lo Trillinger: U Remind Me [Of My Slab]

9/10/22 - 12:00pm

Title: U Remind Me [Of my Slab] Fresh off SUC legend, ESG’s Time Machine Music single release of which Trillinger is featured alongside another Southern legend, Lil Keke, Trillinger drops U Remind Me [Of my Slab].

The track is a remix of U Remind Me of Something by R&B legend, R Kelly, but as Lo Trillinger does on all of his remixes, he takes it and puts his southern spin on it. The hook is a spin-off from his Time Machine Music feature off of ESG’s “Southside Still Holdin: The Red Album”. This drop is the first of #muerteseason so stay tuned!!! Dropping exclusively on Crowded Streaming

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