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Can Music Sampling Make A Comeback?

Keith S, Crowded Staff 9:45am April 8, 2021 RJ, the host of "The Crowded Room," sat down with Professor Daddy-O, a Legend in the Hip-Hop game and founder of the 80s group Stetsasonic. Professor Daddy-O was born and raised in East New York, a tough neighborhood filled with the talent and hardships. Amidst a tough environment he formed Stetsasonic to be the first Hip-Hop band.

Over the years he has produced some of the most acclaimed beats and songs of all-time for most of your favorite artists. His love for sampling good music brings an element to Hip-Hop that we love but hardly appreciate. Sampling had it's Golden Era from the mid to late 80s up until the early 2000's. As an 80's baby I got to enjoy most of it.

During the early 2000s, something happened in the music industry--it was decided by music industry leaders, and fans, that the sampling era was over. It was replaced by harmonizing, high frequency drum patterns and the infamous auto-tune melody. Professor Daddy-O expressed his displeasure for this change, but it did not deter him from using samples.

These days he is advocating for seasoned artists from the sampling Golden Age to come back to the Hip-Hop game, show their wisdom and growth over the years and infuse sampling with the new sounds of today.

If you want to hear how a veteran producer would use samples in todays music environment, check out the album 'From My Hood 2 U' Professor Daddy-O's Band Camp page. You will not regret it. To all of the artists and producers that continue to sample music when producing a track I commend you for staying the course. The new Golden Age is on the way!

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