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Artist Of The Month: The Real Popeye AKA Black Joker

The Real Popeye has been creating music for over a decade. Originally from New Orleans, he is next up in the Houston underground scene. He is known for his thoughtful lyrics and real life stories he conveys through his music.

From his daily freestyles to his latest hit single "Single Mothers and Hustlers," The Real Popeye is always dropping great music for his fans. He is currently the #2 artist on Crowded Music and is featured on the #1 playlist on the platform. With over 100K spins over all streaming platforms, The Real Popeye is rapidly rising in rank on the Houston scene. Support The Real Popeye and underground music by streaming The Real Popeye all September. Follow him on Crowded Music, IG and all other platforms! Listen for FREE right here!

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