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Artist Of The Month: Lo Trillinger

The Crowded Streaming Artist of the month for February 2022 is Lo Trillinger, The Jefe of Muerte Gang. We want to show appreciation to Trillinger for dropping dope music for the underground and true fans of hip hop. He is responsible for classics such as 'Hood Tryna Kill Me,' “Dia de Muerte” series and his TNA series. All of his projects contain thought provoking lyrics and melodic choruses. His lyrics are filled with personal accounts of his life and wise quotes that will sometimes make you laugh and sometimes make you analyze your own life-and the people you invite into your circle. Trillinger is a Hip Hop recording artist you need to know if you call yourself a music lover. Through his music and the Muerte Gang movement, Trillinger is pushing the culture and its supporters forward.

We want to thank you Trillinger for your hard work and quality music you create for us fans. Support Trillinger by listening to his latest releases on whatever streaming platform you use by clicking the link below. --> Lo Trillinger Music <--

We will be celebrating Trillinger all month, but especially on these specific dates: Feb 17 – Trillinger Docuview releasing on Crowded Streaming YouTube Feb 19 – Trillinger 'Discharge Show' Takeover (Grind City Tv-Roku)-brought to you by the BrickLayers Feb 20 – Our Trillinger Playlist will be streaming Live on the Crowded Music App at( 8:00pm)

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