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Artist Of The Month: 33Trapper

5-17-22 - 8:40 pm The #1 Artist on the Crowded Music App 33Trapper is the Artist of The Month for May 2022. With a collection of millions of views and likes from every music and social platform available, 33Trapper is the quintessential independent artist that we like to highlight on our platform. 33Trapper has had his hand in every aspect of the music industry. He is an artist, engineer, producer, social media guru, label owner, mentor and an Award Winning Trailride artist! He has been setting trends locally and nationally for many years.

As an example, his latest outside microphone concert style has been adopted by up-and-coming artists and many artists on major labels. He has dropped over 50 projects (available on Crowded and all other platforms) since beginning his career and has no plans of letting up. His latest album ‘Son of A Hustler’ is filled with that timeless Southern flow, wise words and a few comical lines that will make you laugh. His previous release, ‘Beans By The Window’ was another trend set by 33Trapper--a trap and zydeco music mix that he has coined Trapdeco (Trademarked by 33Trapper). He has worked with your favorite artists and been praised by many more. The ascension of 33Trapper and Solid Gang the brand is happening right now and this is the time fans should support and push a great musician and artist. If you haven’t listened to 33Trapper or seen his visuals you can follow him here (33Trapper Instagram). You can also visit the links below to check out his content and find out why 33Trapper is on the “Top 5 All-Time” list of many underground Hip Hop fans. Keep It 100 Video (2022)

When I Blow (2021)

Trapdeco (2020)

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