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Album Report Card


The following album reviews are the honest opinion of The Crowded Streaming Music Review Committee. The committee is made up of industry professionals and common fans of music. The album reviews are intended to give reliable feedback to the artists, producers, graphic designers and all other professionals that work on similar projects.

Each review will be broken down into 4 major categories:

Each Album will receive a rating for each category and overall score. The ratings are described below.

Any artists, industry professionals or fans that have questions about our ratings, please contact us at or at Crowded Streaming Instagram


(#3) December 2021 This week we have ratings for two projects: 1. 'Space City Dreamin' Album by Keifin 2. 'Still Can: Red' Album by A+ Styles


Album Report Card For Space City Dreamin

Keifin dropped the 18 song album 'Space City Dreamin' on Crowded this year. Keifin is an artist from Houston and reps H-Town in his music. He uses his Space Trap like beats and verses to convey high energy to the listeners. The Beat Selection of Space City Dreamin received an overall score of 3/5. The bass/drums received the highest (3.3/5). The Melody and Mix & Mastering both scored a 3/5. "The tracks sounded good, but you can tell the tracks needed a little more fine tuning." The overall Lyricism received a score of 2.9/5. The lyrical content scored the highest with a 3/5 and the delivery scored the lowest with a 2.6/5. "The songs had high energy, but the delivery could have been a little more smooth." The overall creativity received a score of 3.2/5. The flow/arrangement of the songs scored the lowest with a 3.3/5, while the cover art received the highest score with a 4/5. The cover art received a perfect score from several members. "The cover art was the perfect representation of the project." The features from Space City Dreamin were held in high regard also-receiving a score of 3.8/5. "i10 Slim really applied pressure to each song he was featured on." Overall Score: 3.2/5 - Good Project and worth a listen. Listen to the album HERE and drop a comment below with your rating.


Album Report Card For Still Can: Red

A+ Styles "Still Can: Red" was released on all platforms in 2020. A+ Styles has been in the industry for a few years and fans are always excited for his releases. The Beat Selection scored an almost perfect 4.2/5. The bass/drums scored the lowest with a 3.9/5, while the melody and mix & mastering both scored a 4.3/5. "It seems like every track was specifically molded around his sound." The committee gave the overall Lyricism a 4.3/5. The content scored the highest with a 4.5/5 and the delivery scored an impressive 4.1/5. "We did not hear the word gun, opp, kill or a reference to physically harming anyone in his music. We need more of this type of art." The overall creativity of the project received a 3.2/5. The flow of the album received the highest score, 3.6/5 and the cover art received a 3.1/5. "The songs were arranged great, but the features were just not memorable (3/5). Overall Score: 3.9/5 - It's a Hit. Best Project of Year Quality. Listen to the album HERE and drop a comment below with your rating.

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