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Easton Ramirez
Easton Ramirez

The Truth Ain’t Helping ((LINK))

One of the most unique and interesting speeches of the convention was made by Sojourner Truth, an emancipated slave. It is impossible to transfer it to paper, or convey any adequate idea of the effect it produced upon the audience. Those only can appreciate it who saw her powerful form, her whole-souled, earnest gesture, and listened to her strong and truthful tones. She came forward to the platform and addressing the President said with great simplicity: "May I say a few words?" Receiving an affirmative answer, she proceeded:[19]

The Truth Ain’t Helping

As we face the new year and ponder what may be coming towards us all in 2020 both personally and socially, how much truth or likelihood can we honestly and squarely face? Dare we make new or re-enforced resolutions in either realm? How much shutting down of our concerns for our nation, culture, and projected realities that our children or grandchildren will likely face in their futures must we push aside to stay focused on ourselves and our personal lives and goals? Selah.

Truth moved to New York City in 1828, where she worked for a local minister. By the early 1830s, she participated in the religious revivals that were sweeping the state and became a charismatic speaker. In 1843, she declared that the Spirit called on her to preach the truth, renaming herself Sojourner Truth.

It also seeks to discuss the futile notion about what is "truth" - the central theme of this album - and how far are you willing to ignore it to support your agenda? This to me, is one of the biggest issue we face today.

Petty? Perhaps. Cathartic? Definitely. But It's not a "success" thing, it's a survival thing. I also found that because the theme was so personal, it also gave rise to a general discussion about the wider implications of making bad decisions based on poor information, and so it fitted right into the narrative trail throughout the record, namely: Who do we believe? What constitutes the truth? If you say something enough, does it make it true? That sort of thing.

It continues the theme of who's got the right to determine what is the truth and how it's interpreted. I wrote this song in a fevered period of about three weeks, where I wrote 56 songs. I'm not joking. I couldn't stop myself. I had gotten hold of the principle concept for the album and it was flowing. I'd tapped the vein, so to speak.

With compassion and historical detail, the McKissacks offer a rich profile of Isabella Van Wagener. Her experiences as both slave and freed slave in New York shaped her mid-life commitment to abolition and women's rights. At age 46, she received a call to "walk in the light of His truth." Henceforward, her name was Sojourner Truth and, although she never learned to read or write, the six-foot tall woman became a striking, eloquent spokesperson whose wit, common sense, and candor popularized her with audiences throughout New England and the Midwest.

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Of course, every person is unique, as are their relationships. The point of repeating these numbers is simply to emphasize that healing can take time. We should try to maintain a patient and gentle approach to this fact. Bad days are part of a longer journey, and it absolutely will get better. It may not feel like it, but time, truthfully, is on our side.


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