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Operating Table to the Turn Table

Welcome to the life of Samuel Gyamfi of Accra, Ghana. He is a medical doctor by day and a musician by night. His preferred genre is Gospel, but he is flexible. Thank you for reading and enjoy. [How was life growing up in Accra?] Life was great and very interesting. There were lots of radio stations with lots of musicians. And I loved music so every weekend I could listen to my favorite songs for most of the time. Very charged and entertaining atmosphere.

[What first got you into music? How old were you?] I was 5 yrs old. My big sister and my big brother were a part of a youth choir. So one Saturday, I insisted they took me to rehearsals with them because I didn't want to be home alone. They didn't like the idea but I was teary-eyed so they took me along. When I got there, I just loved the music and I sat in and started rehearsing with them. They accepted me almost immediately after that.

[When did you first record music?] I first recorded myself rapping when I was 9 yrs old. I was in primary school. I would normally write my lyrics, sing them over and over and then record myself with the cassette Walkman then.

[How would you classify the type of music you create?] I create gospel music but with so much flexibility. It has a blend of jazz, blues, neo soul and rap music. And I mostly tell stories with my lyrics.

[What inspires you to create?]

I'm inspired by the fact that my music will have a positive impact on my listening audience and encourage them.

[Who would you like to collaborate with?] Anyone ready to collaborate with me and who fits my style of music but Tye Tribbett would be my top choice. [What is your favorite song on your playlist?]

[What is the central message you think you give to your fans?]

Spread love to everyone around you and take example from the love of Jesus Christ. [What are your favorite places to perform?]

I like to perform in Ghana, Morocco and Canada. I have also performed at Universities and corporate events, but Churches are my favorite. [Are you signed or independent?]

I'm an independent artist for now. If a label has great terms and conditions for me, I could sign for them.

[What do you like to do on with your free time?]

Read and expand my knowledge. Play video games - It takes away the stress

[What do you think the recipe is for success in the music industry?] Consistent practice and improvement on one's craft. Great live performances. Working with a team. If you believe it and do the work, you will make it.

[What's next for you?]

I just released my new single "Thank You Jesus" on Crowded and I have an upcoming album. And before I go I would like to tell the up and coming artist just keep believing in yourself and keep improving.

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