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New Album: Home Cookin By Yung Knight

3/30/22 - 12:07am

WOW! That's all I can say about the new 'Home Cookin' Album By Yung Knight. His latest drop is a mixture of confidence, bars and pure artistry. Every song has a purpose and message to the fans and other artists. What's the message?

This is how much care, passion and skill you should put into a project; this is the type of project you can release if you put in the work and good music will always rise to the top and prevail over the cluttered space we call Hip Hop.

Home Cookin is one of the best albums I've heard in years and is one of the front runners for Album Of The Year. Sounds Crazy Right? Don't Take my word for it though!

Go to the music page and listen to the project yourself right now. Home Cookin is available on ALL other platforms but you can only hear my favorite song 'Hate Me' exclusively on Crowded. Not if, but when you get hooked on Yung Knight, you can hear more music on his You Tube Channel.

After listening to all of his music, which I know you will, check out his podcast to learn more about the Vincent van Gogh of the underground music scene.

Official Album Review Coming Soon!

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