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Artist Of The Month: Silky Redd

7/13/22 - 9:00pm The Artist Of The Month for July 2022 is Silky Redd, the quintessential underground artist. After starting his career in the late 90s he’s been creating music and entertaining his fans ever since. Silky Redd was influenced by DJ Screw and the whole SUC, so it’s only right that he is celebrated during Screw Week-a Houston wide celebration of DJ Screw from July 16th to July 24th.

Using that influence he has created his own style, which is a mixture of Southern Hip-Hop and a new genre coined by him-Swing Out Hip-Hip. His music is fun and happy music-which is done intentionally by him to keep good vibes and joy in Hip-Hop. Silky Redd has projects with legendary artists like Ronnie Spencer, Cupid, Ronnetta and many more! He’s sold thousands of CDs, amassed over 2 million streams and he has no plans of stopping. His latest project ‘Drop Top Music’ has over 300,000 streams on all platforms and features hits like ‘Get Down Tonight’ Ft. Ronnetta and ‘Ride With A Player.’ His Single ‘Turn The Party Out’ Ft. Cupid, Ronnie Spencer has over 1 million streams on all platforms and has taken over Swing Out clubs and Trail Rides from Texas to the Carolinas. If you want to Swing Out, get the party started at a family event or just a ride down the highway Silky Redd has a song for you. -- Let's show appreciation to Silky Redd during this month of July by streaming his music and supporting his art. #joinmycrowd #silkyredd #turnthepartyout Follow Silky Redd on all platforms: Crowded Music Instagram Facebook YouTube Tik Tok Spotify

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Kay Bey
Kay Bey
Jul 14, 2022


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