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Rane Sl1 Asio Drivers Download _HOT_

Right now the drivers are in BETA and can only be download in the 2.2 public beta section of the Serato Sratch forum in this thread. Please note, you will need to register in order to download these drivers. Steve Macatee, Director of New Product Development at Rane told us once they are stable and out of beta they will be available as a free download from

rane sl1 asio drivers download

Install the drivers above (there are separate downloads for the 68 and SL3 boxes) and presto you will have multi-channel support. 4 channels with the 68 and 3 on the SL3. One of the great features about the new 68, and a reason for its hefty price tag of $2500, are the 2 discrete sound cards. That means you can easily plug your Traktor computer into the mixer at the same time as a Serato dj and seamlessly switch over without plugging in any cables or dealing with routing issues. We just got the mixer into the office today so I have not had a chance to really test the drivers for performance but that feedback and more will be contained in the upcoming Rane 68 review.

Eu não consigo fazer o download. ele pede login no site do serato, eu coloco certinho e aparece a mensagem que eu não tenho autorização para fazer o download. Eu registrei o serato no site da rane, mais num sei se coloquei o serial do produto correto. Alias onde fica o serial do serato, num achei na embalagem? Só se for isso. aguardo resposta 350c69d7ab


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