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Siemens UGS NX7 (Unigraphics) - 64bit

siemens plm nx is the de facto standard for product lifecycle management in the automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors. with powerful capabilities for product development and manufacturing management, it is an indispensable asset for automotive companies, aerospace suppliers, and industrial firms of all sizes. siemens plm nx 9 (unigraphics) allows these companies to design, engineer and manufacture products faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Siemens UGS NX7 (Unigraphics) - 64bit

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siemens plm nx 7 was the first major release of the product. the next release was version 8.0 in january 2009, and the release of version 8.1.2 in september 2009. in january 2010, version 8.2 was released. in september 2010, version 8.2.1 was released. this release had some important bug fixes and enhancements, as well as a major new feature set. the version 8.3 release was in january 2011. the version 9 release, with this newest release of unigraphics nx 7, is now available. the major new feature set is the introduction of the renowned cad/cam/cae product siemens nx which is the first leading cad/cam/cae product in the unigraphics family to adopt the new industry standard, opengl.

siemens plm nx 8 32/64 bit + english documentation is a powerful application that has been carefully designed to help companies develop the most efficient production process. this solution offers a wide range of functionalities that let you view and control your products at different levels of detail. you can manage your assets in a centralized way, manage the workflow of your project, or develop and simulate products. here is how it works:

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